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Renewable sources of ENERGY

About This Course

This course will guide students and teachers through an inquiry-based teaching/learning path on renewable sources of energy.


There is no specific content students need to know before attending this course.

Course Staff

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Nicola Pizzolato

Nicola Pizzolato received a M.S. degree in physics (astrophysics and space science) in 1997. Ph.D. in Physics in 2002 at University of Palermo, Italy. His research activity was mainly devoted to astrophysics up to 2004, studies on naval magnetism at the NATO Naval Base of Augusta (SR) in 2005 and computational biophysics of complex systems in cancer research and condensed matter Physics between 2006 and 2010. More recently, his research interests include the development of effective strategies of teaching-learning science in upper secondary school and university level, by following an inquiry-based approach to physics education. He earned a second PhD in "Physics Education" at the University of Palermo in 2013. He has published more than 80 scientific publications and 50 papers in ISI journals.

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Dominique Persano Adorno

Dominique Persano Adorno, PhD in Applied Physics, Assistant Professor of Solid State Physics, is member of the Physics Education Research Group at the Department of Physics and Chemistry of the Palermo University. Her principal research is focused on the study of nonlinear dynamics of complex systems of interest in condensed matter physics and applied physics (electron spin relaxation, transport phenomena, harmonics generation and electronic noise in semiconductor structures for nano- and micro-electronics, polymer translocation, cell growth, biosignals, etc). Recent investigations deal with the designing and experimentation of inquiry-based learning environments for the development of effective strategies to teach Physics at school and university level. She is involved in research projects concerning Inquiry-based Science Education, innovative e-learning scenarios, collaborative learning, ICT for enhanced learning. Author of about 60 papers in ISI journals; 5 book chapters; over 50 refereed proceedings to international conferences and technical reports.

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Agnese Russo

Agnese Russo is a Physics and Math Teacher at the Scientific Secondary School “B.Croce” in Palermo. Graduated in Mathematics at the University of Palermo in 1995, she is author of several research papers in the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. In 2007 she got the qualification of ECDL Examiner. In 2013, she attended, as a Tutor, the laboratory of Modern Physics in the context of PNLS (National Plan for Scientific Degrees) and in 2013 the refresher course of “QUANTUM PHYSICS” for teachers of secondary school at the University of Palermo. From 2015 to 2017 she attended the Symposium “Light & Life” at the “International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies”, the GIREP International Conference on Physics Education and the laboratory of Electromagnetism and Modern Physics and Chemistry in the context of PNLS.

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